Self Evolution

Inner Mastery
Infinite Possibilities

An interactive program to discover and explore your EOS - Emotional Operating System.  Unlock the secret to your emotional health.  Understanding emotions and how they can work for you.  Resourcing yourself with permission to experience what is and transform you through the wisdom that arises. 

Curiosity.  Imagination.  Empowerment.

4 Session Experience


Each session offers an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice, explore different ways to include meditation in your life and connect with a like-minded community.


4 Session Experience


The mind-body-spirit connection starts here. Cultivating an intuitive relationship with the present moment and being with what is as it is, is the magic of the mat. 

Physical Asanas
Breath Work
Energy Work

Currently Complimentary on Zoom

"Avoidance is not a cure.  I commit to not letting my desire to live drama-free keep me from being resolution-free."  A.B., Entrepreneur

Regenerating Images in Memory

RIM® is a technique that taps into and transforms the unconscious source of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, physical, social, spiritual and motivational problems.  RIM® is a multi-sensory, experiential technique creatively using the mind/body connection to access (without re-experiencing) problematic images and memories, and the emotions closely associated with them, with the effect of dissolving blockages, limiting beliefs, and promoting accelerated recovery. RIM® is a strengths based approach which deconstructs previous limiting beliefs.  A natural wisdom comes forth in the process guiding you to your best self.  

Increased self-awareness
Trust in self
Inner clarity
Positive goal-oriented behavior


Individual RIM® Session

On Your Mark!
(3 Sessions)


Emotional Freedom
(6 Sessions)

Life Revamp
(9 Sessions)




The RIM® process is efficient and sustainable.
RIM® does not require endless sessions.
Clients report achieving more results in a single
RIM® session than years of coaching and talk therapy, costing thousands of dollars.  
Most clients enjoy 3-6 sessions

Sessions are generally 60-90 minutes.

Your Life Imagined
Whole Life Coaching


Kick Start!  

Where am I today and where do I want to go?

  The ultimate choice in gaining clarity and direction.

Life Wheel


Life Vision/Vision Board

Life/Play Strategy
4 Session Experience


Alive & Thrive!  

Meet your new best friend - YOU!  Cultivate a relationship with your true self which will allow you to show up and live confidently, happy and purposefully.  Learn to strengthen in the struggles and thrive in your natural gifts.  Customized to bring your best imagined life alive!

8 Interactive Sessions


All in!  

Fall in love with your life and all aspects of you.  This customized program is designed specifically for your personal and professional development goals.  This is your journey and staying consistent in the solid practices adopted with feedback and accountability is your key to long term success.  

12 Month Experience

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