Invite the Clarity

#PersistentFocus is rooted in a #DeepDesire and #Clarity. It begins with a foundation, a rock solid foundation. Living from a foundation that is strong and clear gives rise to inner peace. Cultivating this space in life means intentionally choosing to peel away that which doesn’t serve. It means making choices. Sometimes the choices will be perceived as difficult... especially in the beginning, when just getting started. Each choice becomes a step on your journey. It creates your experience. So, how does one go about living in this rock solid foundation which brings inner peace? Deciding. The first step is to decide. Decide how you deeply desire to live and try it on. And, what I mean by trying it on is to have a date with your imagination. Quite literally! Take your next lunch hour, drive out to the park playground, dust off your right brain and take your imagination out for a swing. Removing yourself from the pressures of the office, the demands of the classroom or the joys of diaper changing, truly getting out of your normal routine or cubicle and getting into the natural air and sunshine. The change of scenery will have a profound effect on your energy. Kick the shoes off, pump your legs and give yourself permission to swing as high as you desire to go. Let the heart discover the inner joy and boundless curiosity as it taps into the playful spirit within. Feel the freedom with every cell in your body. Dream without boundaries! Invite and welcome the inner peace and freedom. Allowing yourself to root from this foundation and rise with the new awarenesses and ideas that have come forth.


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