Rituals. Simple and yet so powerful.

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Fellow Coach, Christine Clark, and I went LIVE on Facebook Friday on our Midday Spark Page. We invite you to look up our page, like it, and view our segment on "How I Overwhelm Myself," the art of taking responsibility and putting it into action. We touched in the episode on how beneficial it is to create structure and routine in your day for self-care.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to experience a fabulous workshop: Ayurveda for Self Care. Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old science that can indeed be the "owner's manual for self-care" and walking through life with balance and harmony. It encourages each of us to mindfully take full participation in our journeys of health and wellbeing.

Creating a solid foundation begins with the routine: morning, noon, and night. When we have a method which is stable and predicitible, we create comfort and grounding in our nervous system. It provides a sense of nurturing and consistency even when chaos abounds around us. The reality is life happens every day. We have a choice in how we show up in life. We have the opportunity to create the infrastructure.

Where do we start? Simply put. We start every day when we wake up.

  • Gratitude - Jot down a list

  • Meditation - Nourishing spiritual practice

  • Make the bed - Jump start productivity

  • Shower/Brush teeth/Scrape the tongue - Cleansing

  • Read - Inspirational daily reader

  • Movement - Exercise/yoga

  • Nourish the body - Break the fast

Our bodies have a natural rhythm. Becoming aware of your body's flow ignites your inherent energy resulting in peace and productivity.

Wait, wait, wait... You want me to have a routine at lunch too? I don't have time in my day ... not to have a lunch routine. Taking a midday break to turn off the noise will precisely create the grounding and productive rhythm you are craving and deserve.

What can I possibly do midday? How long will it take? In an ever busy world where we mark our success by how busy and multi-tasking we can be; we whip our energy and heads up like a thick, multi-ingredient smoothie in a high powered noisy blender. What our minds and bodies are begging for is calm clarity like the peace of a settled snowglobe after being jostled around when the snow bits are gently grounded and still.

Take ten minutes to add a mindfulness practice to what you already do at lunch. Maybe that is the simple act of eating lunch without screens, music, the computer, working your way through lunch, or not skipping lunch all together.

  • Meditation - nourishing spiritual practice. For those of you who may be new to meditation, meditation is the act of observing your thoughts without engaging in your thoughts and eventually practicing releasing your thoughts altogether. One way to look at it is the snowflakes in the globe represent your thoughts. It is a method and practice which allows all the thoughts, ideas, judgments to fall, melt and dissipate.

  • Mindfully eating lunch - paying attention to what you are eating, chewing each bite 32 times. This process interrupts the monkey mind and redirects your mind and thought process.

  • Take 10 minutes without screens, social media, politics, turning the notifications off of your phone, closing the door to the office to eliminate background noise. Open your eyes and observe what is around you carefully and consciously. See what you have been overlooking. Take in your surroundings with all your senses.

  • Pranayama - breathwork. As little as 40 seconds of breathwork gets your mind back online. It calms the nervous system. Alternate nostril breathing is a favorite of mine as it brings the left side & right side of the brain into balance.

  • Take a quiet walk outside soaking in the sunshine and vitamin D. Perhaps taking a walk through a nearby park, taking off the shoes allowing the feet and toes some breathing space as well.

  • Consider having lunch with a friend and inviting the conversation to be gossipless.

Creating a daily routine and structure is deeply affirming to your body, it's tissues and the nervous system.

The evening routine can be structured as simply as the routine at the beginning of the day. They can be thought of like bookends, symmetrically anchoring and holding space for your day. This is also an opportunity to complete the day and honor the closure.

  • Gratitude Journal - realigning the mindset.

  • Meditation - cleansing the day's energy away.

  • Soak in the tub.

  • Read nourishing articles or inspirational stories instead of watching screens or engaging in the drama of gossip or social media. Good old fashioned reading allows the eyes to move bilaterally back and forth, left to right activating the brain to enable the mind to relax, prepare for rest and reprocess events of the day.

Having daily rituals calms the nervous system, creates comforting reference points and affirms deep into tissues a sense of ease, calm and all is well.

A daily routine can elicit profound rejuvenation throughout the body contributing to the healing process. I invite you to inspire and continue the conversation in the comments below. Share with us what your daily rituals and routines are. Inspire us!


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