Say YES! to You this Holiday Season

December is traditionally a busy month full of extra activities and merriment. It throws us off our rhythm of daily rituals, our diet and exercise regime, our regularly scheduled life. We drop into an annual self-care dip. January comes along, and we have to start over. We have to catch our breath, catch up on work, lose the extra weight we picked up, and reset our daily rituals. January is almost as tiring as December differently because we took a step back from self-care, and we are now feeling the residual effects. How can we skip the annual self-care dip? How can we stay in alignment with a good self-care routine while enjoying the holiday season?

It begins with taking the time to create a self-care plan that can stand the test of time. No matter the month or season. Setting yourself up with a solid, grounded plan will bring you sustained energy from the inside out.

Hydration. Gift your body and vital organs with water. Water is cleansing and can do the body wonders! Water keeps the digestion system moving and the mental faculties sharp.

Exercise. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Consider a shorter workout or a walk instead of allowing your mind to talk you out of exercise all together with the extra activities the season brings. A 20-minute brisk walk can increase blood flow and mood while clearing your busy mind.

Practice Meditation/Yoga/Gratitude. With the hustle and bustle of the season, the added visual stimulation and the anxious energy of those around you, take some time to slow down. A full 10 minutes in the morning and the evening can add patience and understanding to your mindset allowing you to extend the same to others. Slowing your monkey mind down will decrease the impulsivity to veer from your self-care rituals and hold yourself accountable.

Appreciation. Extend sincere appreciation to those around you, acknowledging all the ways they make the world a better place. Take some time to appreciate yourself. Acknowledge how you show up in your life to take care of you each and every day.

Say Yes! To YOU.


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