How many thoughts have you had today?

Everything begins with a thought. Everything. How many thoughts do you think you have had already today? Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts everyday. Think about that, do the math.... that’s on average of 2,500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour. Gasp! Really! Wow! Imagine if we could direct that current and turn it into electricity to power the world.

Our thoughts are so powerful. Ideas and inventions are born from a single thought. Intention is then manifested through a series of thoughts. We arrive at achievement through curiosity and applied actions. Moving from thought to action... Intention to action... takes desire. A deep desire. Desire is a vibration, an electricity if you will, it is a state of mind that powers the process. This state of mind is the driving force behind persistence. Somewhere in the process of getting from point A - the initial thought and point B - the imagined form, most folks get lost on their journey. And it isn't that we don't persistently think about it over and over and talk about it over and over or even start over and over... what is missing is the "See, Feel, Believe". The state of Mind, Body, Spirit that will guide us persistently on the journey.

It absolutely takes all three, Mind, Body, and Spirit to enter into the state of deep desire that brings persistence. The kind of persistence that is humbly unwavering. Humbly unwavering means it continuing to go in the direction and be teachable through staying curious and on course. The vibration is open to receive feedback, evolve, revise and redirect without losing sight.

So, what about all of those tens of thousands of thoughts we have everyday? One thought. One thought can be pivotal. It can be powerful. It can change the world and/or rock yours. Harnessing the power. Directing it. Transforming it into a state of mind, into a constructive and productive way of being to "arrive".... How does one cultivate that state of being that spirit? One develops that persistent state through "already arriving". Taking the time to imagine the arrival point, feel it, sense it in your body and allow it to integrate into belief. Feel free to sign up for our mailing list to receive valuable content, meditations, videos and announcements for events. Thank you for stopping by the blog today.


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