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Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  

I have been sharing my love of fitness with others since 2011.... 

In 2015, I discovered Yoga.  I loved it so much.... I decided to share it with others.  

I have been teaching yoga since early 2016.  I have taught hundreds of classes and hundreds of students.

In my experience, I came to know.... Yoga is accessible to every one and every body.  I have taught students from the age of 3 to the age of 103.  It brings me great joy, it lights up my soul.

Yoga is for everyone....   Many times when someone learns I am a yoga instructor in conversation, they immediately say I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible....  And... honestly those are some of the folks who can truly benefit.  From a physical standpoint, increasing flexibility is a great way to prevent injury, increase range of motion, strengthen the body.  I have students who have alleviated their knee, back and hip issues through their consistent practice.  What one of the most surprising benefits of a yoga practice is, in my opinion, is the flexibility it brings to the mind.  

In 2012, I adopted a meditation and mindfulness practice which has been profoundly beneficial in my life... this led me to create Experiential Yoga.  An Experiential Yoga class blends the magic of these practices together.  The meditation, mindfulness and physical yoga practice.  

My classes begin with a centering meditation that guide students into a higher vibration and connection within ...while staying mindful throughout the practice and combining asana, restorative and intentional physical postures and poses, allowing energy to move through the body .... releasing energy that no longer serves the student.... letting it go

Experiential Yoga invites students to take with them the mindfulness skills and tools they learn on their mats - off their mats and  incorporate them into their daily lives which increases their emotional intelligence, their confidence, and overall wellbeing and joy for life!

My favorite classes to teach include Experiential Yoga, Slow Flow, Chair Yoga and whenever I can, I love bringing a fun paced class to young students and teenagers.  Planting the seeds for budding yogi's.     Would love to bring Experiential Yoga to you, your group or organization.


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