Celebrate the seasons!

Wow! What a beautiful fall day! The colors are peaking. The energy is alive. It was lovely driving around town today noticing and appreciating all the colors.

Fall is a wonderful season to remind us of all the colorful lessons we have learned over the course of the year. And, as we transition to a new season that "appears" (in Indiana) to be somewhat gray and dormant... it is really a season of revitalization. A season of inner growth and grounding. A time to root and rise. A time of celebration and awareness of what is there ALL the time. The roots, the foundation... the trunk/authentic self, the stems/gifts. The amazing gifts we have been given that can be shared. Honoring the growth, evolution and blooming we all have the opportunity to experience through the seasons of our lives. (Especially when we take care of ourselves.)

I invite you to reflect, celebrate the seasons you have been given and the beauty that has bloomed from your life.


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