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Hello! I want to extend you a warm welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend it here with me. Let me introduce myself. I am Jennifer Schaefer, aka Coach Kicky. I have been a practicing Life & Fitness Coach for nearly a decade and a fashion entrepreneur for well over two decades now. I founded the label Kicky Couture® back in 2004 though I started my career off as Mom and business owner in 1997. Quickly learning that as a Mompreneur and wife to a successful and busy entrepreneur, there was a whole new world of balance I would create and live by daily... and now I have the opportunity to pay it forward and share it with you. I invite you along this journey as I share through blogging, events, retreats, videos, classes, coaching sessions, etc... I hope you will receive inspiration and wisdom that will add value to your life and how you live it. Peace & Gratitude, Jenn

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