Are you Willing to Be the Cause of Your Effect

Are you willing to be the cause of your effect? Are you willing to own the outcome? Instead of evaluating "Can I?", what about adopting the belief "I don't know that I can't". Taking on the conviction of I'm heading there and I will arrive, we take on an energy signature. The energy signature is a vibration of belief.... a conviction. And when we are living in the energy signature, everything in the universe, everything inside and around you conspires FOR you, the conviction, the belief, and it will manifest. You are now on the path and heading for the desire. You don't have to know how you are going to get there, you just need to know where you are going by living in the felt sense of the vibration, the energy signature becomes a part of you. Living in the vibration, the felt sense in your body... in the present moment, you are fully resourced.


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