2020 Vision

Creating a clear vision starts with a decision. A decision to go in a direction, reach a goal, live in a particular lifestyle. It's an exciting embarkment!! We have many areas that make up our lives. Financial, Career, Recreation, Health, Relationships, Contribution, Education. For a healthy balanced life, we look at each area and assess where we are and where we desire to go. When do I want to arrive? What do I want to accomplish? What goals do I want to achieve short term and long term? What steps will I take to reach my goals? What resources do I have and need? Setting yourself up for success by creating the lifestyle action plan and setting accountability in place. Taking time to vision your life is a gift you can give yourself for 2020. Becoming crystal clear on how you will spend your time while navigating the magnificent journey you have visualized. Gather your group, set up your Visionboard Workshop and see your world come alive like never before!


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