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12:00 pm Monday
12:00 pm Wednesday
12:00 pm Friday
  9:15 am Saturday


  6:00 am Monday
  6:00 am Wednesday
  6:00 am Friday
  8:00 am Saturday

During the month of July, please join us for virtual classes on ZOOM.

It is my pleasure to announce All Yoga Classes are complimentary this month.  #StayConnected #StayCentered


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Experiential Yoga is an intuitive union of mind-body-spirit through movement, meditation and imagination. 

Jenn enjoys bringing what she calls Experiential Yoga to her students. Experiential Yoga is a meditative, gentle practice that dissipates and regenerates the energies in the body allowing the student to be invigorated from the inside out. Adopting a consistent Experiential Yoga practice brings peace of mind, body and soul to the student which radiates out in all areas of the student's life off the mat.

Jennifer Schaefer
E-RYT200 Yoga Instructor

"Jenn has changed my life since October 2018. Challenging and fun!"  

"I am one happy customer. I always enjoy the exercise sessions."

"Jenn knows her craft and helps the students do their best."

"Jenn is encouraging and recognizes her student's accomplishments."

"If only she could offer more slots in the week to teach."

"Thank you for a great class today.  It felt like a 4-minute-long class. I'm always sad when it's over!"

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